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Help save the Earth's natural resources by recycling your beverage containers. Did you know that recycled plastic soda bottles are shredded, melted and turned into all kinds of new things such as clothing, carpet, pillows, and more?!?!


Over the past three years, Californians recycled only 28 percent of the single-serve beverage containers sold in California. A single-serve container is any beverage container holding less than 24 ounces, and it can be made of aluminum, glass or plastic. With only one out of every four single-serve containers currently being recycled in California, we need to do a lot better!


Make a difference! As RecyCool members, it is our responsibility to spread the message about the importance of recycling to those around us. Find out more about recycling programs in your neighborhood or school. Work with your family, friends and teachers to set up recycling programs at home, your local playground or school.


Encourage all of your family, relatives and friends to recycle whenever and wherever. Remember that recycling isn't something you do only at home, but everywhere-such as school, where we play, or at a store!


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Last updated: January 1, 2010
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