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Can you be a RecyCool Investigator (R.I)?

Can you be a RecyCool Investigator (R.I.)? Holy soda bottle Rex fans!

Something terrible has happened and Recycle Rex needs your help. An evil criminal stole all the recyclable beverage containers from Recycle Rex's recycling bins. Now, Recycle Rex can't do his recycling. But you can help Recycle Rex replace his aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles by solving the mystery of the missing containers.

Just answer the three recycling questions next to the recycling bins. Write the correct answers in the correct recycling bin and Recycle Rex will have all his recyclable beverage containers to take to the recycling center. But hurry, there isn't a moment to spare!!!


Aluminum Recycling BinHow many aluminum cans would you have to recycle to save enough energy to operate a TV for 24 hours?


Plastic Recycling BinHow many 2-liter PET plastic bottles would you have to recycle to make the fiberfill for a 9 player baseball team that needs ski jackets to wear while skiing?


Glass Recycling BinHow many glass bottles would you have to recycle to keep a 100-watt bulb lit 4 hours a day for one week?



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Last updated: January 1, 2010
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