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Take the Next Step

Chasing ArrowsNow that we all know that recycling is important, we need to take the next step and "close the loop" (that means to buy products made of recycled material). The more things we buy that are made of recycled material, the more manufacturers will make out of recycled material. This way they don't have to use so much new material to make their products. In the end, that helps save our natural resources. I bet you already buy some of these items when you go to the grocery store, like those cans of soda you buy are probably recycled. (Not the soda, but the aluminum cans.)

Did you know that t-shirts, carpet, stuffed animals and backpacks can be made from recycled plastic soda bottles? License plates, thumbtacks, foil and aluminum pie pans can be made from recycled aluminum beverage cans. Glass bottles can be recycled to make more glass bottles, jars and vases. Did you know that you could recycle five plastic bottles into enough fiberfill (stuffing) for one ski jacket? Pretty neat, huh? Rulers, playground equipment, picnic tables, park benches and much more can be made from recycled plastic. Keep an eye out for products made from recycled materials the next time you go shopping. You're helping the environment by buying items made from recycled materials.

It's not really hard to find products that help us "close the loop". Most products tell you right on the front if the product is made from recycled material. Sometimes it could only be the packaging or the container that is made from recycled material. That's great too, because it's all a part of "closing the loop." Here's a game I like to play whenever I go to the store. I try to see how many products I can find that help me close the loop. Next time you go to the store, why don't you give it a try? I'll bet you can find as many as I can!

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Last updated: January 1, 2010
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