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What Can You Do?

RecyCool Smart Card with recycling tips.Here's a little RecyCool riddle for all you club members. Now think real hard. Ready? How many kids does it take to make a difference?

Give up?

The answer is ONE. That's right. It just takes one kid, one adult, one person to make a difference. When you stop and pick up litter or take your recyclable beverage containers to the recycling center, you're helping our planet. If each one of us decided to be more responsible for the environment by recycling all that we can, closing the loop and picking up litter, our planet would be in better shape. Every little bit helps a lot.

There are many different ways you can take responsibility for the environment. We've listed a few ideas and put them on a RecyCool SmartCard. Just cut along the dotted line and glue it to a piece of used cardboard. You can use this card as a bookmark or keep it handy so you can always make the smart RecyCool choices.


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Last updated: January 1, 2010
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