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Things you can do to save the Earth

  • Pick up litter.
  • Bring your lunch in a reusable lunch bag.
  • Use both sides of paper before you recycle it.
  • Recycle your cardboard boxes and junk mail.
  • Recycle glass, aluminum and plastic beverage containers (and all other recyclable containers).
  • Start a compost bin for left over food, grass and tree clippings.
  • Reuse things around your home.
  • Buy products made from recycled materials.
    • Chasing ArrowsLook for this symbol on a package. It usually means something is made of recycled materials.
    • Look carefully because sometimes the symbol means the package itself -and not the product is made out of recycled materials.
    • Look for the words "Made of Recycled Material" or "Post Consumer" on the product or package.
  • Ask yourself, "Is it recyclable?" before making purchases.
    • Some plastics are not accepted by recycling centers. Learn to identify the different kinds of plastic that are accepted.
  • Ask yourself, "How is it packaged?"
    • Choose products with very little or no packaging.
    • Buy in bulk.
    • Buy things in packaging that can be recycled.
    • Buy things in packaging made of recycled materials.
  • Ask yourself, "Do I need a bag?"
  • Spread the recycling message to others (friends, relatives, family, companies and community.
  • Put together fundraisers collecting beverage containers and paper.
  • Write to the government (mayor, city council, state and national government) to start a curbside recycling program in your area if it’s not currently available.
  • Sponsor a recycling fair.
  • Give gifts that help people recycle, give recycled gifts, use recycled wrapping paper and cards.
  • Adopt a highway or beach and do your part to recycle and reduce litter.

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Last updated: January 1, 2010
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