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Search for manufacturers who use California waste as a feedstock, and are located within a Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ). RecycleStore puts you in touch directly with the manufacturers who make earth-friendly products. Whether you are a wholesale buyer, procurement officer, or an individual consumer, use this listing to find recycled-content product manufacturers who make products, or intermediate products from specific feedstock types, designed with your needs in mind! Some manufacturers can even personalize their products to your specifications.

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Buying from these manufacturers supports green jobs in California and strengthens the California economy. The unique ability to search for feedstock may allow businesses to find new relationships within the manufacturing process, strengthening business infrastructure in California.

Those interested in listings of California manufacturers with recycled-content products that are located within a Recycling Market Development Zone may include:

  • Consumers: Look for green products from California.
  • Procurement officers: Find manufacturers that meet purchasing requirements.
  • Manufacturers: Find feedstocks or business partners.
  • Retailers: Find wholesale agreements to stock your storefront.

Please continue to support California-made recycled products.

If you are an RMDZ business looking to further market your products and website, you may want to also consider the following alternatives for marketing your product: Craigslist (free), Ebay, Google Shopping, Amazon.

The identification of individuals, companies, products, and materials listed on this web page does not constitute endorsement by CalRecycle and is provided for informational purposes only. CalRecycle is distributing this information in an effort to increase public awareness and knowledge about this important topic.

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