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School Waste Reduction


The following publications have been developed to promote school district waste reduction program implementation. CalRecycle's Publications catalog includes additional education-related publications and waste reduction-related publications.

  • A District-Wide Approach to Recycling--A Guide for School Districts: A comprehensive how-to guide in establishing school district recycling programs. (Pub. #500-94-009) Audience: School Districts/Local Government/Private Industry.
  • Going Beyond Recycling, Buy Recycled--A Guide for School Districts: A guide describing various ways a school district can buy products made of recycled content. (Pub. #322-95-001) Audience: School Districts/Local Government/Private Industry.
  • Report on the CIWMB School District Diversion Project: Report describing the California Integrated Waste Management Board's (now CalRecycle) School District Diversion Project (June 2000-November 2001), initiated in response to legislation. The project's key objectives were to (1) develop a model methodology enabling school districts to achieve maximum waste reduction, (2) identify factors essential to institutionalizing waste reduction programs in school districts, and (3) strengthen the support provided to school districts by local jurisdictions and the CIWMB. (Pub. #310-02-008)
  • $eeing Green Through Waste Prevention--A Guide for School Districts: A how-to guide illustrating waste prevention practices that school districts have found effective in reducing waste and cutting costs. (Pub. #500-94-010) Audience: School Districts/Local Government/Private industry.
  • School District Surveys: CalRecycle has conducted several surveys to assess the districts’ integrated waste management efforts. The final reports for the two most recent surveys are provided below in an effort to facilitate networking among school districts, jurisdictions, and CalRecycle staff, to share successful program information, and to expand such successes statewide.
Last updated: September 28, 2017
School Waste Reduction
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