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School Waste Reduction

School District Diversion Report 2000


The School District Diversion Project was initiated in response to Public Resources Code section 42620-42622 which requires the CIWMB (now known as CalRecycle) to implement a waste reduction program for school districts. This includes the development of a model waste reduction program, training and ongoing assistance, and information on programs for other states and institutions. This project was also developed to assist local jurisdictions in meeting solid waste diversion goals by addressing the nonresidential sector of their waste stream, specifically institutional settings such as school districts.

This project was driven by three principal objectives:

  1. Develop a model methodology by which school districts can achieve maximum waste reduction through waste prevention, reuse, composting, and recycling.
  2. Identify factors and benefits essential to institutionalizing waste reduction programs in school districts.
  3. Strengthen the relationships and support provided to school districts by local jurisdictions and CalRecycle.

The project began in June 2000 and was completed in November 2001. The final report and findings were presented as a discussion item at the Board meeting on November 13-14, 2001.

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School Waste Reduction
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