California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Sample Job Specification

Classification: Recycling Specialist, Salary Range: 72

Desert Sands Unified School District, Office of Classified Personnel Services 

Employment Category: Classified Bargaining Unit FLSA Designation: NonExempt

Job Summary:

Under direction, provides varied and responsible clerical support services in support of recycling activities for the District; to include waste reduction, diversion, re-use, recycling and conservation activities, programs and standards

Essential Job Functions:

  • Composes various letters, reports, grants, documents, correspondence, etc. related to waste reduction, recycling, diversion, re-use and conservation for the purpose of communicating information.
  • Coordinates with Federal, State and Local agencies for waste reduction, recycling and conservation programs for the purpose of providing support and ensuring compliance with financial, legal and/or administrative requirements.
  • Establishes, coordinates and maintains a District recycling program for the purpose of ensuring the optimal utilization of available products and materials.
  • Facilitates the instruction of administrators, staff, students, etc. for procurement guidelines in relation to recycling and conservation of resources for the purpose of heightening the awareness of waste management, recycling and conservation concepts, theories and techniques.
  • Informs students, staff and the community regarding recycled materials and goods for the purpose of ensuring the optimal utilization of available products and materials.
  • Maintains and coordinates the waste reduction, recycling and conservation programs, methods, techniques, resources and funding for the purpose of ensuring the smooth operation of recycling activities and proper maintenance of waste reduction program.
  • Maintains various records and reports related to waste reduction, recycling and conservation for the purpose of ensuring compliance with established Federal, State and local guidelines and requirements.
  • Monitors site waste needs and site recycling programs for the purpose of providing guidance and taking appropriate action as may be required.
  • Organizes and conducts staff development, and training programs for the purpose of providing current information and updates to ensure optimal participation in waste reduction, recycling diversion, re-use and conservation.
  • Responds to inquiries of staff, administrators, public and students, etc. for the purpose of providing information or direction as may be required.

Other Job Functions:

Attends a variety of meetings (e.g. conferences, workshops, school sites, pertinent businesses, etc.) for the purpose of documenting and conveying information, and providing assistance as needed.

Handles funds (e.g. abatements, recycling rebates, waste management checks, etc.) for the purpose of recording payments, ensuring availability of funds and reconciling purchases.

Essential Job Requirements

  1. Skills, Knowledge and/or Abilities Required: Knowledge of waste reduction and recycling, procurement guidelines regarding recycling and conservation. Knowledge of Federal, State and local regulations regarding recycling and waste reduction. Ability to operate standard office equipment. Ability to utilize pertinent software applications. Ability to perform standard clerical and secretarial procedures. Ability to communicate with persons of varied cultural and educational backgrounds. Ability to plan and manage projects. Ability to prepare and maintain accurate records
  2. Physical Requirements: The Office of Classified Personnel Services embraces the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The requirements of the position are maintained in the Personnel Department; and, individuals shall be able to perform the essential functions of the position
  3. Education Required: High School graduate or equivalent and three (3) years increasingly responsible clerical experience involving related work in the environmental field.
  4. Licenses and other Requirements:
  • Valid California Drivers License.
  • Fingerprint/criminal justice clearance.
  • Tuberculosis clearance.
  • Written examination.
  • Typing examination at 50 net words per minute from clear copy.

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