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School Waste Reduction

School District Waste Reduction Survey

There are more than 1,000 school districts in California, comprised of nearly 10,000 schools serving approximately 6.25 million students. It is estimated that more than 700,000 tons of material is disposed each year by these learning institutions and their students. In an effort to reduce this amount, Public Resources Code, Section 42621 requires CalRecycle (formerly the California Integrated Waste Management Board or CIWMB) to develop and implement a waste reduction program for school districts. One element of this program is to conduct a survey of school districts throughout the state to determine which districts need assistance developing diversion programs. CalRecycle conducted several surveys to assess the districts’ integrated waste management efforts.

This information is provided in an effort to facilitate networking among school districts, jurisdictions, and CalRecycle staff, to share successful program information, and to expand such successes statewide. Contact your local jurisdiction representative or recycling coordinator to access additional assistance, support, and resources to help you establish or expand successful waste reduction programs in your district.

2003 Survey

The 2003 School District Waste Reduction Survey is very similar to school district waste reduction surveys CalRecycle conducted in prior years, but with a couple of minor improvements. The survey was available in a web-based format, which not only offered added convenience to school districts participating in the Survey, but also added efficiencies for staff to analyze the survey data and to report the results. Additionally, the 2003 survey form was modified to capture the number of the responding district’s schools participating in each waste reduction activity. This additional information is helpful in understanding the level of program implementation on a districtwide basis.

Final Report

Data from the school districts that participated in the 2003 survey have been summarized and analyzed in the Final Report.

2000 Survey

In 2000, the CalRecycle conducted a survey of California school districts to assess their integrated waste management efforts. The data from the participating school districts have been summarized, compared to past survey data, and then analyzed for CalRecycle, school district(s), and jurisdiction(s) waste reduction planning purposes. In addition, a historical perspective of the survey data is provided based on past survey results.

Final Report

Data from the school districts that participated in the 2000 survey have been summarized and analyzed in the Final Report.

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School Waste Reduction
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