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Visit the CalRecycle's Sustainable Building website for additional information on sustainable building design and construction, and visit the CalRecycle's Construction and Demolition website for resources and information on construction and demolition debris recycling.

  • Government organizations are indicated by (GOV)
  • Nonprofit organizations are indicated by (NP)

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  • Charles Allen
    Serves as a deconstruction contractor.

718 Douglas Avenue
Oakland, California 94603
Phone: (510) 569-2070
Fax: (510) 569-2074

  • (NP) Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley ReStore
    Accepts donations of building materials and sells them back to the community to help finance the high cost of building houses.
  • Ohmega Salvage 
    Buys and sells usual and unusual building materials. See Profiles for more information.
  • Omega Lighting Design
    Specializes in fine antique and vintage-style lighting and plumbing fixtures, miscellaneous hardware, and decorative accessories.
  • (NP) The Reuse People of America (TRP)
    The northern California facility has a retail yard which is open to the public. At this yard anyone (homeowners, contractors, businesses, etc.) may drop off acceptable, usable building materials and receive a tax donation receipt. Also operates as a contractor, deconstructing buildings and salvaging materials. See Profiles for more information.
  • The Sink Factory
    Specializes in used basins. The full-service company will repair, rebuild, re-chrome, or customize a salvaged sink.
  • Urban Ore, Inc.
    Salvages at the transfer station, picks up, receives dropoffs, and buys some unwanted building materials, then sells them as-is for reuse.
  • Youth Employment Partnership
    Operates successful wood recovery operations.


Contra Costa

  • This and That
    Has available approximately 40,000 square feet of used building materials, including bi-fold and louver doors, wrought iron, fireplaces, door moldings, windows, sinks, granite, marble, and brick.

1701 Rumrill Boulevard
San Pablo, California 94806
Phone: (510) 232-1273
Fax: (510) 232-7213

El Dorado


  • Resale Lumber
    Sells used building materials such as: lumber, doors, windows, siding, cabinets, sinks, countertops, steel roofing, and lighting materials. See Profiles for more information.
  • Whit McLeod
    Supplies handmade furniture constructed from reclaimed and salvaged materials obtained from California wineries and demolition sites.

Los Angeles

  • (NP) Deconstruction & ReUse Network
    Strongly supports the green building movement by advancing the general environmental principal of "reduce, reuse and recycle" within the construction and demolition (C&D) industries.
  • (NP) Habitat for Humanity South Bay/Long Beach Home Improvement Store
    A retail thrift hardware store that supports Habitat for Humanity South Bay/Long Beach. The income generated from the project goes specifically toward expanding the building program of Habitat for Humanity South Bay/Long Beach.
  • (NP) San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity
    Accepts and sells new and gently used construction items such as pallets of lumber, flooring, drywall, shear walls, brick and stone, rebar, nails and screws, hand and power tools, ladders, heavy-duty vacuums and brooms, storage sheds, windows and doors, floor joists, etc.




  • Albion Doors and Windows
    Accepts used doors and windows.
  • North Cal Wood Products
    North Cal Wood Products recovers redwood left over from sawmill operations or from building disassemblies, as well as eco-friendly hardwoods reclaimed from underwater timber harvest operations. Family-owned and operated since 1984.



  • (NP) Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Orange County
    A building materials reuse center that accepts new and used building materials and resells them to the public at pennies on the dollar. All proceeds and/or materials are used to help support Habitat for Humanity and the homes they build. See Profiles for more information.
  • (NP) The ReUse People of America (TRP)
    The southern California facility operates strictly as a deconstruction contractor and sells materials directly off their job sites. See Profiles for more information.



  • (GOV) Department of General Services (DGS)
    The Reutilization Department disposes of salvage and surplus personal property from California state agencies. The property is made available to other state agencies, political subdivisions, and assistance organizations for a predetermined service and handling fee. If the property is not picked up by an eligible entity, private citizens and the general public may purchase the property in a cash-and-carry, first-come, first-served basis. See Profiles for more information.
  • (NP) Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Sacramento County
    Building materials thrift store, which sells new and used building materials to the public. See Profiles for more information.
  • Rustic Brick and Stone Company
    Offers a large selection of genuine used brick; can quickly arrange shipping anywhere in the country.

San Diego

  • (NP) San Diego Habitat for Humanity ReStore  
    A building materials thrift store whose proceeds are used to fund the construction of more Habitat homes in San Diego County. The 24,000 square foot warehouse is a flourishing hub of building materials reuse and exchange. Because all the materials have been donated by local contractors, manufacturers, and individuals, merchandise can be sold to the public at 50-90 percent below the lowest retail prices. See Profiles for more information.

San Francisco

  • (NP) Building REsources
    Used building materials center that offers a unique mix of old-fashioned junkyard and ongoing art installation, as well as a huge selection of material to the community at great prices.

San Joaquin

San Luis Obispo

San Mateo

  • Reusable Lumber Company (RLC)
    Deconstruction and dismantling waste reduction specialists. Reuses and recycles the vast majority of materials from their salvage projects. Provides services for both the homeowner and contractor.
  • Whole House Building Supply
    Sells salvaged building materials. See Profiles for more information.

Santa Barbara

Santa Clara

Santa Cruz


  • TerraMai
    Offers salvaged and reclaimed wood products.


  • (NP) Garbage Reincarnation, Inc. "Recycletown"
    Operates two reuse/recycling depots under contract with the Sonoma County Integrated Waste Management Department. See Profiles for more information.
  • Liberty Valley Doors, Inc.
    Liberty Valley Doors, Inc. makes several styles of door from recycled Douglas Fir beams, joists and timbers. Reclaimed glue lam beams are sliced for the core of the stiles and rails for engineered stability, and overlaid with rediscovered wood.
  • M. Maselli and Sons, Inc.
    Offers a large selection of used hardware, pipe, steel, and fencing.




Statewide/International Organizations

  • Antique Lumber Company
    Supplies antique wood and salvaged flooring.

1811 Rock Island
Dallas, Texas 75207
Phone: (800) 444-0251
Fax: (214) 428-1889

  • ReConnX, Inc.
    Provides engineered solutions for the rapidly growing construction and demolition waste reuse industry by developing tools that facilitate the reuse of lumber.
  • (NP) Rehab Resource, Inc.
    Provides access to affordable building materials for the repair and rehabilitation of existing housing and in construction of new affordable housing for low to moderate income individuals, and in the repair of 501(c)(3) owned facilities.
  • Rejuvenation Lamp and Fixture Co.
    Established in 1977 as "Rejuvenation House Parts," selling mostly architectural salvage to old house renovators in Portland, Oregon, it is now known for period lighting, primarily antiques, which the company rewires, restores, and offers for sale.
  • (NP) ReSource
    Accepts and sells quality used building materials. See Profiles for more information.
  • (NP) RE Sources
    Their RE Store originated in 1993 to address the growing concern of citizens in Northwest Washington regarding the large amount of usable building materials that were being disposed. The RE Store has since turned the previously discarded materials into a viable sustainable business venture that diverts more than 2,000,000 pounds of materials a year from needless disposal. The RE Store saves homeowners and contractors money on disposal costs, and provides high quality building materials at very affordable prices to the general public.
  • RE-USE Consulting
    Assists people throughout the United States with deconstructing and salvaging buildings, and reusing building materials.
  • Salvage One
    Purveyor of architectural reclamation.
  • Second Use Building Materials, Inc.
    Diverts reusable materials from the waste stream and resells them at affordable prices to the public. Their inventory includes vintage and hard-to-find architectural pieces, as well as modern building materials. Also provides technical assistance to used building material retail outlets and assistance in financial planning, hiring, training, merchandising, etc. See Profiles for more information.
  • Sunco Recycled Building Materials Ltd.
    Provides low cost and environmentally-friendly building products.
  • Superior Hardwoods and Millworks, Inc.
    Offers a large selection of reclaimed wood.
  • The Timeless Material Company
    Gathers, categorizes, and reuses recovered materials from deconstruction/demolition activities.
  • Trestlewood
    Offers a wide assortment of products manufactured from several reclaimed wood sources. See Profiles for more information.
  • (GOV) Used Building Materials Center
    Accepts reusable building materials (1ยข per pound drop-off charge applies) and has free used materials available to individuals. Materials accepted and available include: lumber, doors, windows, insulation, shingles, lighting, piping, cabinets, sinks, etc.

Monroe County Solid Waste Management District
Monroe County Landfill
3400 South Walnut Street
Bloomington, Indiana 47401
Phone: (812) 349-2020

3654 Knollwood Road
Nashville, Tennessee 37215
Phone: (615) 533-0696
Fax: (615) 385-5744

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