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Government organizations are indicated by (GOV)

Nonprofit organizations are indicated by (NP)

  • (NP) Earth 911
  • (NP) Generation Green
  • Goddess of Garbage
    Provides tips on how to reuse a variety of household items.
  • How to Have Big Money Garage Sales and Yard Sales
    This manual describes proven methods for increasing money made from organizing garage sales and yard sales.
  • iReuse LLC
    Provides a socially responsible and environmentally friendly process for the reuse, resale, and removal of unwanted business and household items.
    Provides ideas for using household materials normally disposed to create arts and crafts and for other household uses.
  • Recycler's World
    A worldwide trading site for information related to secondary or recyclable commodities, by-products, used, and surplus items or materials.
  • (GOV) SF Environment
    Includes a database that enables San Francisco residents to locate reuse opportunities by neighborhood. Also features articles, ads, and other promotional materials.
  • Too Good to be Threw
    Resale industry newsletter, operations manual, and products for resalers.
  • Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute
    Provides resources on reclaimed lumber, etc.
  • Yard Sale Search
    Offers the opportunity to view and submit free ads for yard sales, garage sales, church sales, local thrift stores, flea markets, etc. nationwide.

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