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Outside of L.A. SHARESOverview

L.A. SHARES is a nonprofit materials reuse program that accepts donated materials from the local business community. Materials accepted include reusable goods and materials which are both new and used. Materials may include manufacturing overages, discontinued and surplus items. Materials are then stored at two Los Angeles County warehouses, and on a quarterly basis, nonprofits may "shop for free." L.A. SHARES redistributes all materials free of charge to nonprofit organizations and schools throughout Los Angeles County.

Inside of L.A. SHARES

L.A. SHARES is the largest single donor of goods and materials to the Los Angeles Unified School District, the arts community, after-school enrichment programs, parks and recreation programs, theatre groups, and nonprofits affiliated with alcohol and drug recovery programs, among others.

In 2000, L.A. SHARES received $50,000 as a sole-source grant from the California Integrated Waste Management Board. This grant enabled L.A. SHARES to launch its Web site and conduct a survey of 300 Los Angeles City-based nonprofit organizations and schools that assessed their top 20 needs for reusable materials. With their new Web-based strategy, L.A. SHARES is now able to almost instantly match donors with recipients.

Additionally, through the grant, L.A. SHARES designed a brochure, which was distributed to the top 1,000 corporation sin Los Angeles, and created a direct mail piece encouraging corporations to donate reusable materials to L.A. SHARES as an ongoing waste reduction strategy. A tracking system used to monitor project outcomes was also employed using grant funds.

Materials Accepted Source of Materials Collection Services Geographic
Service Area
Office furniture, office supplies, and office equipment (including computers and audio-visual). In order to be accepted, all equipment and furniture must be in good working order. L.A. SHARES does not accept any toxic materials, food, clothing, bedding, refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves, paint, or construction debris. L.A. SHARES distributes 99.9 percent of the materials received to nonprofits. Los Angeles County businesses. Due to limited funds, free collection services are provided (within Los Angeles County) for donated materials valued at $3,000 or greater. Otherwise, businesses are encouraged to deliver donated materials directly to either L.A. SHARES warehouse. Los Angeles County.

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