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Ohmega Salvage

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Ohmega Salvage buys and sells usual and unusual building materials. Their goal is to save architectural materials that are still useful to others and essential to authentic restoration projects. Ohmega Salvage sells both antique hardware and reproduction hardware, new and used plumbing fixtures, antique and used bathtubs (as well as "factory second" items at discounted prices), sinks, antique lighting, doors, and mantels. The general public is the usual recipient of Ohmega Salvage's materials. Unique antiques, architectural items and tiles are imported from around the world. The company also rents and sells props for movies, theater productions, print ads, etc. Established in 1976, Ohmega Salvage has seen a ten percent growth in their business each year. Over the last 20 years, Ohmega Salvage has become known as the leading supplier of restoration materials to contractors, architects, and homeowners.

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Service Area
Used house parts, such as lights, doors, sinks, bathtubs, fixtures, mantels, marble, tile, ironwork, hardware, and architectural elements. Contractors, manufacturers and individuals. Almost all materials are paid for. Free within 50 miles. Bay Area.

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