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Environmental Restoration Case Study

Coyote Canyon Landfill

Coyote Canyon Landfill is located near Newport Beach in Orange County. The landfill covers approximately 300 acres. It opened in 1963 and received approximately 60 million cubic yards (CY) of wastes; it closed in 1990. The wastes transported to the landfill consisted of municipal solid wastes and from the surrounding Los Angeles basin area.

The landfill was constructed with a liner to contain leachates and other waste byproducts that could migrate into the underlying strata that could affect groundwater formations under or near the landfill.

The landfill is located in Coyote Canyon consisting of chaparral lands and accompanying canyons, characteristic of that region.

The goal of the final landfill closure plan was to return a significant portion of the closed landfill (104 acres) back to the coastal sage scrub environment with native plant species capable of supporting the endangered California gnatcatcher bird species. The shrub is needed to support the gnat and the gnatcatcher predator-prey relationship.

Restoration of the closed landfill to achieve this goal involved regrading the closed landfill cap with sufficient soil depth of six feet to emulate the surrounding natural soil type and planting of the native coastal sage scrub that will support the gnatcatcher.

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