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Environmental Restoration Case Study

Crescent City Landfill

Crescent City Landfill is located in Del Norte County easterly of Crescent City. The landfill opened in the 1950’s as a burn dump. It operated as a dump and cover operation, starting in 1972, until 1994.

The wastes transported to the landfill consisted of municipal solid wastes, dead animals, sewage sludge, domestic septage, white goods, asbestos, and fish wastes from the nearby fish processing industries.

The landfill was originally constructed without a liner to contain leachates and other waste byproducts that could migrate into the underlying strata, potentially affecting groundwater formations under or near the landfill.

The landfill is located in tidal dune lands and accompanying shoreline wetlands that are characteristic of that region.

The goal of the final landfill closure plan was to return a significant portion of the closed landfill back to marginal dune lands and intertidal wetlands. A portion is being used for a transfer station.

To achieve this goal, restoration of the closed landfill involved regrading the closed landfill cap to emulate the surrounding dune lands habitat and to add native plants to restore the vegetation.

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