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Below is an alphabetical listing of resources of use to local enforcement agencies (LEA) related to compostables.

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Air Emissions and Air Districts

Anaerobic Digestion (AD)

Biosolids: Biosolids are the nutrient-rich by-product of wastewater treatment, generated by channeling human waste through treatment plants and collection systems.

Food Scrap Composting: Information and resources to help reduce food waste and save money on disposal costs.

Glossary of Terms: Definitions of commonly used compost-related terms.


Links: A list of links to external web sites related to compostable materials.

  • California Counties: A list of links to California county web sites.
  • Cornell Composting: This website is maintained by the Cornell Waste Management Institute and provides access to a variety of composting educational materials and programs developed at Cornell University.
  • San Francisco Government Composting: Includes links to pages on basic composting, home composting, worm composting, curbside organics collection, collection for businesses, and principles for resource efficient landscape management.
  • State Government links: Links to state government health and environmental agencies web sites.
  • University of Washington Compost Images: A collection of digitized photos of various aspects of composting and compost use.
  • US Composting Council: A trade and professional organization promoting compost.
  • US Environmental Protection Region 9: Region 9 (Pacific Southwest) is the regional office that includes California. This link describes their organics: compost initiatives.  

News Releases: Use the search mechanism at the bottom of this page to find CalRecycle news releases related to compostable materials.


  • Permit Forms: Forms used by LEAs and operators during the solid waste facility permit process.
  • Permitting Resources: Information to assist in obtaining approval to operate a compostable material handling operation or facility.
  • Permit Tier Placement Chart: A matrix summary of facilities and operations for which CalRecycle adopted tiered regulations.

Publications and Videos:

Regulations and Statutes:


  • Compost Training: Information on upcoming training and summaries and notes from past training sessions.
  • State Minimum Standards at Composting Facilities: Several videos of presentations from a training offered by the CIWMB (now CalRecycle) to local enforcement agencies, solid waste facility operators and CIWMB staff during the Summer of 2007.

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