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Facility/Site Summary Details: Altamont Landfill & Resource Recv`ry (01-AA-0009)

LEA Contact: See the "Local Enforcement Agency (LEA)" information below
CalRecycle Contact: Patrick Snider (916) 324-3753
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Identification:Local Enforcement Agency (LEA):
Location:Altamont Landfill & Resource Recv`ry
 10840 Altamont Pass Road  
 Livermore, CA 94550
GIS Confidence:Map
US EPA FRS ID:110000831404
County of Alameda
Environmental Health Department
1131 Harbor Bay Pky Ste 200
Alameda, CA   94502-6567
Phone:  (510) 567-6790
Fax:  (510) 337-9135
Operator/Business Owner: Land Owner(s):
Waste Management Of Alameda County
172-98th Avenue
Oakland,  CA  94603
Phone:  (510) 613-8710
Fax:  (510) 562-2854 
Waste Management Of Alameda County
172-98th Avenue
Oakland,  CA  94603
Phone:  (510) 613-8710
Fax:  (510) 562-2854
Surrounding Land Use:  
Agricultural, Commercial, Open Space - Nonirrigated, Range Land
Permit Details:
 Current - Permit or EA Notification Issue Date: August 22 , 2005  Type: Full     View Document
Unit Specifications:
Data Dictionary
Unit: 01
Activity:  Solid Waste Landfill     Inspection Frequency:  Monthly
Classification:  Solid Waste Facility     Max.Permitted Throughput:  11,150.00   Tons/day
Category:  Disposal     Remaining Capacity:  65,400,000  Cubic Yards
Regulatory Status:  Permitted     Remaining Capacity Date:  December 31, 2014
Operational Status:  Active     Max.Permitted Capacity:  124,400,000  Cubic Yards
Operational Type:  BOE Reporting Disposal Facility, Composite_Lined _LF_Cell(s), Financial Assurance Responsibilities, PaleoDS, Remaining Capacity Landfill, Treated Wood Waste AcceptanceTotal Acreage:  2170.0000 Acres
Ceased Op Date:  01/01/2025     Disposal Acreage:  472.0000 Acres
Closure Type:  Estimated     WDR Landfill Class:  II,III
Waste Type:  Ash, Construction/demolition, Contaminated soil, Green Materials, Industrial, Mixed municipal, Other designated, Tires, Shreds
Unit: 02
Activity:  ACW Disposal Site     Inspection Frequency:  Quarterly
Classification:  Solid Waste Facility     Max.Permitted Throughput:  2,000.00   Tons/day
Category:  Disposal     Remaining Capacity:  Contact:  Patrick Snider
Regulatory Status:  Permitted     Remaining Capacity Date:  January 01, 1900
Operational Status:  Active     Max.Permitted Capacity:  00  0
Operational Type:  Not AvailableTotal Acreage:  0.0000 Acres
Ceased Op Date:       Disposal Acreage:  0.0000 Acres
Closure Type:  Not Available     WDR Landfill Class:  II
Waste Type:  Asbestos, Asbestos, friable
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