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Documents: Commerce Refuse-To-Energy Facility (19-AA-0506)

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Download Report of Facility Information (RFI) Amendment Acceptance Transmittal - August 2017 (pdf, 83 KB) CorrespondencePermit Correspondence8/30/2017
Download Public Notice for Amended Report of Facility Information (RFI) - August 2017 (pdf, 51 KB) PermitsLEA Public Meeting & RFI Amendment Notice8/30/2017
Download Permit Application (E-177) for Report of Facility Information - August 2017 (pdf, 402 KB) PermitsPermit Application Forms8/17/2017
Download 19-AA-0506 CREF - 2017 Five-Year Permit Review Determination Letter (pdf, 83 KB) CorrespondencePermit Correspondence8/14/2017
Download 19-AA-0506 CREF - 2017 Five-Year Permit Review Report CIWMB678 (pdf, 46 KB) PermitsPermit Review Report - 5 Year Permit Review8/14/2017
Download 19-AA-0506 CREF - Reissued Solid Waste Facility Permit - Permit Review Due 8/14/2022 (pdf, 432 KB) PermitsSolid Waste Facility (SWF) Permit, Issued7/9/2017
Download Disposal of Cultivated Cannabis Waste Stream at CREF (pdf, 142 KB) CorrespondencePermit Correspondence5/4/2017
Download 19AA0506 CREF TPR cover letter from Sanitation District to LEA - March 2017 (pdf, 5654 KB) CorrespondencePermit Correspondence3/17/2017
Download Amended Report of Facility Information (RFI) - March 2017 (pdf, 125977 KB) PermitsAmendment to Report of Facility Information (ARFI)3/17/2017
Download 19-AA-0506 CREF - Application for Five-Year Permit Review due August 2017 (pdf, 735 KB) PermitsPermit Application Forms3/16/2017
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