California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Facility/Site Inspection Listings: Commerce Refuse-To-Energy Facility (19-AA-0506)

CalRecycle Contact: Benjamin Escotto (916) 341-6138 Search New Facility
County:  Los Angeles
Enforcement Agent:  County of Los Angeles
Operator/Business  Owner:  County Of Los Angeles Sanitation Dist
Land Owner:  Commerce Refuse-TO-Energy Authority
01 Large Volume Transfer/Proc Facility
Regulatory Status: Permitted   Operational Status: Active   Inspection Frequency: Monthly
Inspection Date CalRecyle Received Inspection
Areas of Concern/Violations Regulation
05/15/201806/13/2018CalRecycle PeriodicAreas of Concern17407.2-Cleaning
05/15/201806/14/2018LEA PeriodicAreas of Concern17407.2-Cleaning
04/24/201805/29/2018LEA PeriodicNone Reported
03/23/201804/19/2018LEA PeriodicNone Reported
02/27/201803/20/2018LEA PeriodicNone Reported
01/24/201802/23/2018LEA PeriodicNone Reported


Inspections Data Dictionary

Last updated: Data updated continuously.

Last updated: Data updated continuously.
Solid Waste Information System(SWIS),
Melissa Parker,  (916) 341-6398