California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Facility/Site Summary Details: Newport Avenue Station #1 (30-CR-0071)

LEA Contact: See the "Local Enforcement Agency (LEA)" information below
CalRecycle Contact: Abel Martinez-Centeno (916) 341-6724
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Identification:Local Enforcement Agency (LEA):
Location:Newport Avenue Station #1
 Nw Corner Of Newport Fwy & Bristol 2700  
 Costa Mesa, CA 92626
GIS Confidence:Map
US EPA FRS ID:Not Available
County of Orange
Health Care Agency
Environmental Health Division
1241 East Dyer Rd., Suite 120
Santa Ana, CA   92705-5611
Phone:  (714) 433-6270
Fax:  (714) 754-1768
Operator/Business Owner: Land Owner(s):
OC Waste and Recycling
300 N Flower Street, Suite 400
Santa Ana,  CA  92703
Phone:  (714) 834-4000
Fax:  (714) 834-4001 
Reinking L
(Petter C.)Metro Commercial Relaty Corp.
227 20th Street
Newport Beach,  CA  92663
Surrounding Land Use:  
Commercial, Residential
Permit Details:
 Permit Date Unavailable 
Unit Specifications:
Data Dictionary
Unit: 01
Activity:  Solid Waste Disposal Site     Inspection Frequency:  Quarterly
Classification:  Solid Waste Disposal Site      
Category:  Disposal     
Regulatory Status:  Pre-regulations      
Operational Status:  Closed      
Operational Type:  Not Available 
Ceased Op Date:        
Closure Type:  Not Available      
Waste Type:  
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