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This page includes definitions of terms used in the Solid Waste Information System (SWIS) database. You can view site, inspection or enforcement definitions only by following the appropriate link, or you can view all of these definitions by selecting "All Data Definitions."

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Item Name Item Description
Board California Integrated Waste Management Board.
Board Received Date Date the permit review application is received by the CIWMB.
Burn Dump Site A burn dump site is a solid waste disposal site (PRC 40122) where solid waste has been burned at low temperature and the residual ash and debris have been landfilled or stockpiled. Disposal would have ceased no later than the early 1970's (advent of federal and state air quality legislation) or earlier (local ordinances). Ash from controlled incineration at a permitted facility, such as a waste-to-energy plant, is not included. Burn dump sites also do not include disposal sites where disposal was initially by burning but then changed to other methods and the burn ash underlies the latter disposal.

Last updated: Data updated continuously.

Last updated: Data updated continuously.
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