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This page includes definitions of terms used in the Solid Waste Information System (SWIS) database. You can view site, inspection or enforcement definitions only by following the appropriate link, or you can view all of these definitions by selecting "All Data Definitions."

Data Dictionary: All Data Definitions

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Item Name Item Description
Final Compliance The date the EA/CIWMB withdraws the enforcement action(s).
Final Compliance Date The date upon which all of the (one or more) cited required compliance date(s) have actual compliance date reported and input into the data base. The final compliance date is the last actual compliance date (chronologically). The date the EA/CIWMB withdraws the enforcement action(s).
Focused Inspection A type of inspection conducted by state staff that would not qualify as an "Eighteen-Month Inspection". See also: Inspection Type.
Food Waste The waste by-product, usually of plant or animal origin which forms part of a variety of foods, which is discarded after food growth, processing, preparation or production. Does not include agricultural waste.

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Last updated: Data updated continuously.
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