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Facility/Site Summary Details Definitions (Data Dictionary)

This page includes definitions of terms used in the Solid Waste Information System (SWIS) database. You can view site, inspection or enforcement definitions only by following the appropriate link, or you can view all of these definitions by selecting "All Data Definitions."

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Item Name Item Description
Name Name of the facility, site or operation. A name may change through time. The name for 'old' sites or facilities should reflect the most current usage locally. When a facility name changes, the old name should be added to the AKA list for that site.
Nonhazardous Ash Disposal/Monofill Facility Means a facility that handles only nonhazardous ash for purposes of disposal and is not a landfill pursuant to Public Resources Code section 40195.1 [14 CCR 17376(h)]. See also: Activity.
Nonhazardous Ash Transfer/Processing Operation Means an operation that handles only nonhazardous ash for purposes of transfer, treatment, or storage. This definition does not include transformation, biomass conversion, or other incineration facilities [14 CCR 17376(i)]. See also: Activity.
Not a Solid Waste Disposal Site (NS) A Site Investigation Process (SIP) Site Category ("X") for a place, location, tract of land, area, or premises that was indicated as or thought to be a disposal site ("site"), but after investigation by the LEA/EA was determined to not exist or was determined to be illegal dumping or other activity where the quantity and/or quality of material does not constitute calling it a Solid Waste Disposal Site (see LEA Advisory #3).
Not Currently Regulated Never regulated by the Board or no longer subject to the Board's regulation. In the case of waste tire locations below 500 tires or tire facilities that have reduced the tire count to under 500. This term may also apply to operations not currently regulated under the tiered permit program. See also: Regulatory Status.
Notice and Order A type of enforcement action that is taken pursuant to 14 CCR 18304. See also, Enforcement Action.
Notice of Intent (NOI) For the purposes of this document, a type of enforcement action taken by the Board that indicates an intent to include a solid waste facility on an inventory of non-complying facilities pursuant to PRC ยง 44104. See also, Enforcement Action.
Notification (Enforcement Agency Notification) A non-permit regulatory status for those activities that meet the regulatory status of Enforcement Agency Notification pursuant to 14CCR 18103.1 to be Operations. Activities (operations) where the quality and/or quantity of waste type(s) are below the requirements for a Solid Waste Facilities Permit ( Full , Standardized, and Registration) , but determine by the EA to required over site and not excluded from regulatory requirements of 14 CCR 18100 et. Seq. Regulatory Tier requirements.

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Last updated: Data updated continuously.
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