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This page includes definitions of terms used in the Solid Waste Information System (SWIS) database. You can view site, inspection or enforcement definitions only by following the appropriate link, or you can view all of these definitions by selecting "All Data Definitions."

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Item Name Item Description
Unconfirmed (Solid Waste Disposal Site) A Site Investigation Proces (SIP) Site Category ("U") for a place, location, tract of land, area, or premises that was indicated as or is thought to be a disposal site ("site"), but no investigation by the LEA/EA to date has determined the site to exist. Or the "site" location has not been determined to date and further investigation and information is needed to determine if it is a Solid Waste Disposal Site (see LEA Advisory #3)
Unincorporated The nature of a place that is under the control of county government. See also: Place Type.
Unit A unit is a waste handling activity associated with a facility. For any facility there will be least one unit, assigned the unit number "01"; additional units would be assigned numbers in ascending sequence, e.g., unit "01" green waste composting; unit "02" material recovery; unit "03" a closed waste disposal cell, all at the same facility. Refer to Chapter 2 of the SWIS User's Manual for more information. See also: Activity, and Characterization Scheme.
Unit # A unit number is an arbitrary but unique number assigned to a unit for a specific facility.
Unit # A unit number is an arbitrary but unique number assigned to a unit for a specific facility.
Unit # A unit number is an arbitrary but unique number assigned to a unit for a specific facility.
Units Unit of measurement of throughput, unit capacity and site capacity. Includes: cubic yards, cu yards/day, gallons/day, tons/day, tons/month, tons/year, tons, tires, tires/day, tire equivalents tons/week, tire/90 days, cu yards/month and cu yards/year.
Unpermitted Indicates that the facility, operation or site never had or does not have a Solid Waste Facility Permit. For the purposes of this document, if there is an activity that requires a permit or a change in site operator and a new permit has not been granted, the site or unit activity is considered unpermitted. In addition, if a "new" activity/operation commences that needs to be described in an amendment to the facility's Report of Facility Information (RFI) and/or needs to be incorporated into a modified or revised permit, then this "new" activity/operation is considered unpermitted. This status includes "illegal site" as defined in 14 CCR 18011(a)(11). Additionally, "old burn dumps" or old disposal sites (dumps closed or that stopped receiving waste before August 15, 1977) would be "Pre-Regulation" closed sites. See also: Regulatory Status.
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