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Inventory of Facilities Violating State Minimum Standards


The inventory is a list of solid waste facilities in the state of California that are violating the State minimum standards for solid waste handling and disposal. State minimum standards regulate the design and operation of solid waste facilities in order to protect public health and safety and the environment. Please see the introduction/reading guide for additional information about this list including an explanation of the terms used in each of the column headings. For detailed information on the compliance status of each facility on the inventory select the appropriate facility name.

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Facility NameCountySWIS NumberIssue DateEnforcement Order #
Union Mine Disposal Site El Dorado09-AA-000310/18/20172018-012472-LIS
Kernen Construction aka Glendale Yard Humboldt12-AA-011210/18/20172017-012458-LIS
Bass Hill Landfill Lassen18-AA-000909/06/20112011-011974-LIS
South Coast Solid Waste Site Mendocino23-AA-001805/24/20122012-012012-LIS
South Coast Solid Waste Site Mendocino23-AA-001803/10/20142014-012127-LIS
Ukiah Solid Waste Disposal Site Mendocino23-AA-001903/13/20122012-012006-LIS
Highway 59 Disposal Site Merced24-AA-000101/08/20132013-012058-LIS
Western Regional Landfill Placer31-AA-021007/18/20172017-012423-LIS
California Street Landfill San Bernardino36-AA-001705/19/20142014-012136-LIS
City Of Lompoc Sanitary Landfill Santa Barbara42-AA-001705/06/20152015-012204-LIS
West Central Landfill Shasta45-AA-004303/26/20102010-011737-LIS
Pena`s Disposal Inc Transfer & MRF Tulare54-AA-003401/06/20172017-012342-LIS
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