California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Solid Waste Information System (SWIS)

Listing of Solid Waste Facilities and Disposal Sites Under Enforcement Orders

This page is a list of all California solid waste facilities and disposal sites that have active enforcement actions in the SWIS III database. The list includes the following enforcement action records: Cease and Desist Orders, Notices and Orders, Notices of Violations (Financial Assurances), Stipulated Agreements and Stipulated Notices and Orders.

A separate Inventory is available of facilities currently violating State Minimum Standards for solid waste handling and disposal.

Facility NameCountySWIS NumberIssue DateEnforcement Order #
Pleasanton Waste Disposal Site Alameda 01-AA-0020 9/15/20162016-012317-NAO
J D Recycling CDI Debris Processing Alameda 01-AA-0320 5/11/20182018-012525-NOV
WCCSLF Organic Materials Processing Contra Costa 07-AA-0044 2/10/20172017-012455-STA
Union Mine Disposal Site El Dorado 09-AA-0003 10/23/20172018-012473-CS
Spano River Ranch Disposal Fresno 10-CR-0014 9/21/20162016-012322-NOV
Kernen Construction aka Glendale Yard Humboldt 12-AA-0112 6/12/20172017-012459-NAO
Garberville Burn Dump Humboldt 12-CR-0007 12/19/20172018-012478-CDO
Lone Pine Landfill Inyo 14-AA-0003 2/9/20162016-012297-CS
Independence Landfill Inyo 14-AA-0004 2/9/20162016-012296-CS
Bishop Sunland Solid Waste Site Inyo 14-AA-0005 2/9/20162016-012295-CS
China Grade Sanitary Landfill Kern 15-AA-0048 3/30/20182018-012516-NAO
K&D Salvage Landfill Kern 15-AA-0103 5/31/20172017-012415-NOV
EnviroCycle Inc. Kern 15-AA-0304 8/24/20092010-011700-NAO
EnviroCycle Inc. Kern 15-AA-0304 3/3/20102010-011731-NOV
Resource Renewal Technology, Inc. Kern 15-AA-0373 2/14/20032003-010464-NAO
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