California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

SWIS DIP Testimonials

Testimonials to the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) from LEA staff about SWIS DIP:

"It simplifies record keeping and the reports get to the Board (now CalRecycle) quicker and easier. I can bypass the mailroom."
--Paul Wrighton, Merced County

"SWIS DIP's not difficult at all. I don't have good handwriting, so I feel more comfortable having it viewed on an online public site, neatly typed. I think it's great."
--Val Schweifler, Lake County

"It’s pretty fast and not difficult to use. It makes sure you pick the right form. It’s helped us identify errors in the SWIS database. For example, if there’s a bad address it shows up automatically on the SWIS DIP form, then we know to fix it. One of the things that came out of SWIS DIP was the decision that you don’t have to have a signature on the report. We entered into agreements with our operators where they said they’d accept an electronic copy. That saves us time, reduces paper use and postage costs, and they get it faster too."
--Jim Henderson, San Diego County

"There have been several benefits to utilizing SWIS DIP in our LEA Program. We have cut costs associated with staff time by not having to spend the time to copy the inspection reports, send them out through the mail and then file them; besides the savings in paper. Another advantage is that the operators get them more quickly because we send them through email. It’s just a more effective and efficient way of doing business. We really like it."
--Paula Harold, San Bernardino County

"Everyone in San Joaquin County uses SWIS DIP. I tell other colleagues, 'You should really think about doing it.' It is simple. Once it’s submitted, you can see the results. If it’s not in the queue to be accepted by Board, than you can find it in SWIS. It’s easy to share copies with other people. You could share them with the whole world if you wanted to."
--Robert McClellon, San Joaquin County


Last updated: September 15, 2009
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