California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Beyond 2000: California's Continuing Need for Landfills

When a Landfill is Closed

When a landfill is closed it may look like a park, a golf course or a range of tree-covered hills. But there's much more than a pleasing appearance to a closed landfill. Rigorous environmental standards must be met, including the following:

Engineered Final Cover

The final cover consists of a two-foot compacted soil foundation layer, over which is placed one foot of re-compacted clay to prevent water infiltration, and one foot of soil for the planting of vegetation.

Erosion Control

Erosion of the surface of the closed landfill is prevented by planting trees, grasses, and other ground cover, and by the use of terracing, mulching, or a strong geo-textile net.

Seismic Safety

The slope of the final site face must be no greater than 30 degrees and must be engineered to withstand the maximum probable earthquake for the area.

Postclosure Land Uses

Postclosure uses of the site must not pose a hazard to health, safety, or the environment, and open space must be graded and landscaped to harmonize with the setting.

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