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Q. Which agency issues the solid waste facility permit?

In most cases, the enforcement agency (EA) accepts the application and issues the permit. For standardized and full permits, the EA must first obtain concurrence from CalRecycle prior to issuing the permit. For a registration tier, the EA issues directly to the operator and provides a copy to CalRecycle.

Q. When does the EA sign the permit?

The EA must sign the permit at the time it is issued to the operator. The EA should not sign the proposed permit at the time it is submitted to CalRecycle for consideration of approval. 

Q. What operational and design limitations should be placed in a proposed permit?

At a minimum, a proposed full permit should address tonnage, elevation, facility boundary and traffic volume. For landfills, the permit should also address disposal area, excavation depth, and estimated closure date.

The EA has discretion to add other conditions relative to their regulatory authority under Title 14/27. See Writing a Solid Waste Facility Permit for further instructions on writing a full solid waste facility permit.

For standardized and registration permits, the site design and operational parameters are contained in the permit. The EA is not allowed to add any other terms or conditions to these types of permits.

Q. What tonnage at a solid waste facility counts towards the tonnage in the permit?

The maximum amount of solid waste and other material the applicant is authorized by the EA to receive through the gate to store, process, transfer, beneficially reuse, recycle or dispose per day.

Q. Does an operation in the notification tier need to be identified in the Nondisposal Facility Element (NDFE)?

The EA is required to make the conformance finding for any facility which is slotted in one of the regulatory tiers requiring a permit:

Although this finding is not required for EAs to process the notification tier, the operation may still need to be identified in the NDFE in order to meet the requirements of the integrated waste management plan.

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