California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

CalRecycle Staff Directory: Policy Development and Analysis Office

Policy Development and Analysis Office
Zoe Heller (916) 341-6075 Deputy Director Career Executive Assignment
Bonnie Cornwall (916) 341-6424 Manager Environmental Program Manager I (Supervisory)
Knowledge Integration Section
John Sitts (916) 341-6232 Manager Environmental Program Manager I (Managerial)
Evan Johnson (916) 341-6310 Staff Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Karen Morrison (916) 341-6304 Staff Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Nancy Carr (916) 341-6216 Staff Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Peter Staklis (916) 341-6230 Staff Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
» Facilities and Targeted Materials Unit
Bineti Vitta (916) 341-6273 Staff Environmental Scientist
Eileen Nathaniel (916) 341-6434 Staff Integrated Waste Management Specialist
Elizabeth Garner (916) 341-6213 Staff Environmental Scientist
John Bruce (916) 341-6088 Staff Environmental Scientist
Larry Stephens (916) 341-6241 Staff Environmental Scientist
» Goals, Mandates and Strategies Unit
Surjit Dhillon (916) 341-6226 Supervisor Senior Environmental Scientist (Supervisory)
Hunter Ahlberg (916) 341-6167 Staff Research Analyst II (Geographic Information Systems)
Jane Mantey (916) 322-1866 Staff Environmental Scientist
Jeffrey James (916) 322-0956 Staff Program Technician II
Stacy Vanina (916) 341-5151 Staff Program Technician II
Steven Sander (916) 323-4376 Staff Environmental Scientist
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