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CalRecycle Staff Directory: Materials Management Section

Materials Management Section
Kyle Pogue (916) 341-6246 Manager Environmental Program Manager I (Supervisory)
Brian Larimore (916) 341-6579 Staff Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Crystal Reul-Chen (916) 341-6026 Staff Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Gregory Dick (916) 341-6489 Staff Senior Integrated Waste Management Specialist
Sally French (916) 341-6432 Staff Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Organics Management and Construction & Demolition Unit
Robert Horowitz (916) 341-6452 Supervisor Senior Environmental Scientist (Supervisory)
Elena Yates (916) 341-6466 Staff Integrated Waste Management Specialist
Martine Boswell (916) 341-6166 Staff Environmental Scientist
Sue Ingle (916) 341-6518 Staff Integrated Waste Management Specialist
Victoria Ngo (916) 341-6406 Staff Environmental Scientist
Tires, Oil & Pharmaceutical Unit
Albert Johnson (916) 341-6687 Staff Engineering Geologist
Boxing Cheng (916) 341-6805 Staff Environmental Scientist
Nathan Gauff (916) 341-6686 Staff Waste Management Engineer
Russ Carter (916) 341-6507 Staff Environmental Scientist
Stacey Patenaude (916) 341-6418 Staff Waste Management Engineer
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