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CalRecycle Staff Directory: Training and Assistance Section

Training and Assistance Section
Kevin Taylor (916) 341-6582 Manager Environmental Program Manager I (Supervisory)
Beatrice Poroli (916) 341-6411 Staff Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Jeffery Esquivel (916) 341-6337 Staff Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Marcus Santillano (916) 341-6328 Staff Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
LEA Support Services Unit
Ken Decio (916) 341-6313 Supervisor Senior Environmental Scientist (Supervisory)
Carley Bartlett (916) 341-6092 Staff Environmental Scientist
Dana Hachigian (916) 341-5968 Staff Environmental Scientist
Leta Forland (916) 341-6395 Staff Integrated Waste Management Specialist
Melissa Hoover-Hartwick (916) 341-6813 Staff Integrated Waste Management Specialist
Melissa Parker (916) 341-6398 Staff Environmental Scientist
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