California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

CalRecycle Staff Directory: Convenience Zones Unit

Convenience Zones Unit
Walt Simmons (916) 445-5916 Supervisor Recycling Specialist III (Supervisory)
Shanie OHara (916) 322-1863 Support Staff Program Technician
Andres Torres (916) 341-6428 Staff Associate Governmental Program Analyst
Elaine Brennan (916) 323-0791 Staff Recycling Specialist II
Kassandra Pizzi (916) 322-3909 Staff Recycling Specialist II
Kimberly Walton (916) 322-2582 Staff Recycling Specialist II
Steven Parker (916) 445-4756 Staff Recycling Specialist I
Michelle Drehobl (916) 322-9712 Student Student Assistant
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