California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

CalRecycle Staff Directory: Office of Education and the Environment

Office of Education and the Environment
Bryan Ehlers (916) 341-6700 Assistant Director Career Executive Assignment
Bendan Blue (916) 341-6764 Staff Environmental Scientist
Christine Liske (916) 341-6585 Staff Environmental Scientist
Christy Porter (916) 341-6771 Staff Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)
Iris McKenzie (916) 341-7304 Staff Program Technician
Kami Wong (916) 319-9939 Staff Associate Governmental Program Analyst
Kelly Kell (916) 341-6209 Staff Staff Services Manager I
Kirk Amato (916) 341-6762 Staff Environmental Scientist
Lucy Christensen (916) 323-5551 Staff Environmental Scientist
Maria Kennedy (916) 341-6228 Staff Office Technician (Typing)
Rachel Marthaler (916) 341-6542 Student Student Assistant
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