California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

CalRecycle Staff Directory: Human Resources Section

Human Resources Section
Carla Silva (916) 341-6284 Manager Staff Services Manager II (Supervisory)
Classification & Pay Unit
Melissa Stallcop (916) 341-6093 Supervisor Staff Services Manager I
Alicia McIntyre (916) 341-6817 Staff Associate Personnel Analyst
Balesha Compton (916) 341-6481 Staff Associate Personnel Analyst
Cheryl Griffiths (916) 341-6885 Staff Associate Personnel Analyst
Ray Kwan (916) 341-6810 Staff Associate Personnel Analyst
Disability Benefits Unit
Colleen Gorman (916) 341-6852 Staff Senior Personnel Specialist
Rita Deering (916) 341-6069 Staff Senior Personnel Specialist
Exams Unit
TJ Nguyen (916) 324-8851 Staff Associate Personnel Analyst
Position Control Unit
Brandie Rivera (916) 341-6265 Staff Personnel Specialist
Transactions Unit
Lynn Honeywood (916) 341-6479 Supervisor Staff Services Manager I
Amanda Sanders (916) 341-6445 Support Staff Personnel Specialist
Elizabeth Chavez (916) 341-6610 Staff Personnel Specialist
Kristine Silva (916) 341-6086 Staff Personnel Specialist
Lacy Gwin (916) 341-6196 Staff Personnel Specialist
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