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2001 STARR Award Program Case Studies

22nd District Agricultural Association (Del Mar Fairgrounds)

The Del Mar Outreach has earned the 22nd District Agricultural Association (Del Mar Fairgrounds) top honors in the STARR award's "Education and Training" category. Since the implementation of its first recycling program in 1985, before the Integrated Waste Management Act was even enacted, the Del Mar Fairgrounds has been at the forefront of the struggle to improve the environment. The Del Mar Fairgrounds successfully reduced, recycled, and diverted 91 percent of its waste from being disposed in 2000 and is hoping future technology will allow them to divert all waste generated at the fairgrounds.

As a leader in the recycling industry, the Del Mar Fairgrounds not only sets examples of how to divert waste, but also offers information to educate the entire San Diego County community. The District's annual Enviro Fair provides local businesses the opportunity to learn more about reducing, reusing, and recycling through waste reduction efforts. The Enviro Fair's trade show is incredibly successful in offering local businesses with the chance to work with companies in the recycling field.

Plans for upcoming recycling efforts include fine tuning current resource conservation programs, working with vendors to reduce shipping waste, and finding both recycled-content products for purchase and ways to reuse materials on hand.

For further information, please contact Nancy Strauss at (858) 792-4298.

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