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2001 STARR Award Program Case Studies

Lanterman Developmental Center

The Lanterman Developmental Center was honored with the 2001 STARR Award in the "Recycling" category for innovative waste reduction and diversion programs in 2000. The programs implemented, which range from an on-site shredding program to an environmental fair, have earned substantial rewards for the long-term care facility that cares for the developmentally disabled.

The center made it its goal to educate not only the staff but also the facility's residents on the importance of waste diversion and has successfully developed recycling programs that provide for a cleaner and better environment. Clearly the result of making a concerted effort to increase the diversion of materials generated within the facility, the Lanterman Developmental Center succeeded in diverting 82 percent of it's total waste in 2000.

The waste diversion and recycling efforts started in 2000 include a green waste recycling program where materials are sent to recycled product companies rather than the landfills, an annual Earth Day/Environmental Fair, and regular donations to the State's surplus facility. An additional paper-recycling program helped both employees and residents of the facility divert almost 5,000 tons from the center's total annual waste stream. All programs have contributed to Los Angeles County's diversion achievements as well.

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