California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

2002 State Agency Recycling Recognition (STARR) Award Program

Fairview Developmental Center: Construction and Demolition Debris Management

Fairview Developmental Center is a State-run residential facility that is home to approximately 777 individuals with developmental disabilities. The 1,798-member staff provides a wide variety of training and services for the residents. Vocational training to teach clients how to recycle products is an important part of these services.

In the year 2000, Fairview began implementing several waste reduction and diversion programs. By 2002, the clients and staff had expanded their recycling efforts to 17 different program activities, while forging mutually beneficial relationships with businesses in their surrounding community. Construction and demolition (C&D) wastes accounted for the largest diversion. C&D projects accounted for the recycling of 1,500 tons of waste, 445 of which were used on site for building and roads projects.

Other waste diversion activities include business source reduction, materials exchange, and recycling beverage containers, cardboard, glass, newspaper, white and mixed office paper, plastics, scrap metal, and phonebooks. In addition, Fairview also incorporated grasscycling, commercial pickup of waste for composting, and recycling of tires, white/brown goods, and wood waste. These efforts not only diverted waste from California landfills, but also offered Fairview’s clients vocational job training (generating $20,500), independence, and money management skills. Fairview also saved a total of $1,095,166 in its business source reduction and materials exchange programs.

Fairview is committed to raising conservation awareness for its clients and staff and the surrounding community. The facility has vowed to do this through continued participation in recycling fairs, business ventures that offer recycled items, and the expansion of existing programs. Fairview’s clients and staff are doing their part to keep California green.

For further information, please contact Pat Cruz at 714-668-7617.

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