California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Waste Tire Enforcement

March 2010 Agenda: Grantee Roundtable Meetings


Southern-March 16
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Administrative Headquarters, Baldwin Park

Central-March 18
Fresno Convention Center, Fresno

Bay Area-March 23
Alameda County Environmental Health Department, Alameda

Northern-March 30
CalEPA Building, Sacramento


Pre-meeting for Grantees to Network and Discuss Issues of Mutual Concern Introductions


  • Change from CIWMB to CalRecycle: Politics, Financial Situation and Grant Status
  • Grantee Q & A: Acknowledgment of, Response to and Discussion of Issues Raised During Grantee Pre-Meeting or Other Issues not on Agenda

Discussion of New Waste Tire Regulations Nearing Adoption (handout)

Enforcement and Waste Tire Manifest System (WTMS) Related Training

  • How to Utilize WTMS to obtain list of "never inspected" and "inspection completed" reports (handouts)
  • How to Obtain and Utilize Business license information for enforcement case development

Update on New State Fire Code Revisions as they Relate to Waste Tire Product Storage Standards (PowerPoint presentation)

Air Resources Board (ARB) Surveillance Contract Issues

  • How to Utilize
  • Problems being experienced?

Grantee Open Forum Q & A

CIWMB Update/Discussion

  • Input on Survey to Determine Waste Tire Related Training for Fall Conference
  • Input Requested on Proposed Annual Award to Waste Tire Enforcement Grantee

Resources and Tools

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