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Waste Tire Management

6th CIWMB Waste Tire Management Conference:
Paving the Way for the Future

April 5-7, 2005
Ontario Convention Center

The purpose of this conference is to present the issues facing California in dealing with over 30 million waste tires that are generated in the state each year. We have invited presenters from California and across the nation to provide you with the most current information on waste tire issues. This will include the latest information on tire recycling technologies, regulations governing the handling, storage, and disposal of waste tires, enforcement training for local governments, and issues other states and Mexico are facing with their waste tire piles.

This event was held concurrently and in the same location as the 6th Annual Environmentally Preferable and Recycled Product Trade Show.

Conference Agenda

For more information contact Diane Nordstrom-Lamkin.

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