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Questions and Answers: Local Government Waste Tire Cleanup Grant Program (FY 2014/15)

Questions about the Local Government Waste Tire Cleanup Grant Program application were accepted in writing only, no later than February 5, 2014. Similar or related questions were grouped together or reworded for clarity and responded to as one question.

The question and answer period is now closed for this grant cycle. All questions and answers are posted on this site.

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No questions were submitted in this category.


No questions were submitted in this category.


  1. Can we request funding for cameras to use as an illegal deterrent?

    No, cameras are an ineligible cost. 


  1. If I use the resolution template that is in the TCU grant application, then can the resolution be used for all CalRecycle grants?

    Yes, as long as you don’t enter a grant specific name.  So, on the resolution under the section that reads:  NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the (Title of Governing Body) authorizes the submittal of application(s) to CalRecycle for (choose one of the following options) 1) (names(s) of specific grants)) or 2) all grants for which (Name of Applicant) are eligible. [Note: this provision is either/or; do not include both options]; Be sure to use option number two.
  2. I am working on the above grant TCU15 and have a question regarding the Property Access Authorizations and No-Responsibility Affidavit for Private Property form (741). In our grant proposal, we do not access private property. Just, street, alleys, parks and waterways.  Do I still need to complete? Thank you!



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