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Questions and Answers: Local Government Waste Tire Amnesty Grant Program (FY 2015-16)

Questions about the Local Government Waste Tire Amnesty Grant Program application were accepted in writing only, no later than February 17, 2015. Similar or related questions were grouped together or reworded for clarity and responded to as one question.

The question and answer period is now closed for this grant cycle. All questions and answers are posted on this site.


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  1. I understand that "jurisdictions" for the Local Government Waste Tire Amnesty Grant, TA3 cycle, include cities, counties, and special districts. The county environmental management department would like to apply on behalf of our community service districts and the two cities within the county. Given this, would we, the county environmental management department, be able to apply as a "Region" and be eligible for the $100,000 max award since we would be the lead participant for these cities and special districts within our county?

    If yes, would letters of authorization from each serve as a "designation to act on behalf of the participating jurisdictions" be sufficient?

    Departments are not eligible to receive grant funding, therefore the county would need to be the lead applicant and is eligible to apply for up to $100,000. As a regional lead applicant the county must submit an approved Resolution that authorizes it to act as a lead for a regional program. This Resolution authorizes submittal of a regional application on behalf of the Lead Applicant and specifically named regional participants, and includes authorization letters with original signatures dated within the last 12 months from the participating jurisdictions authorizing the Lead Applicant to act on their behalf for this cycle.

    If the Resolution is valid for more than one year, it is highly recommended a) that the list of participants be provided as an attachment rather than embedded in the Resolution, and b) that the Signature Authority be authorized to revise the list as necessary with each subsequent application (this allows a Signature Authority to add or remove regional participants with each new application without the necessity of obtaining a new Resolution).

    Regional participants subject to a governing body must provide a Letter of Authorization, dated within the last 12 months, to the Regional Lead authorizing the Lead Applicant to act on its behalf for this cycle. Copies of the Letters of Authorization must be uploaded with the application by the secondary due date.

  2. A particular area of the county does not have a Local Conservation Corps (LCC) that services the area, therefore, a work release crew through the county justice system is utilized to assist in the Amnesty events. This service provides countless man hours to the city at no cost. Will this coordination be acceptable in satisfying the LCC requirement in the ranking criteria?

    No, only coordination with a certified LCC will qualify an applicant for Rank 1.

  3. On page 14 of the Application Guidelines & Instructions, Priority Ranking Criteria, documentation showing coordination with the Local Conservation Corps (LCC) is required. What kind of documentation is needed? Do you have an example of a document that will meet this criteria?

    Documentation of coordination with an LCC can be in the form of a contract or agreement between the jurisdiction and the LCC for services related to a waste tire amnesty collection program. Services provided by the LCC might include, but are not limited to, amnesty event staffing, tire hauling, advertising or purchasing necessary supplies.

  4. Is the contract/agreement with the Local Conservation Corps required to be submitted by the 3/5/15 deadline?


  5. Our county is not served by a Local Conservation Corps (LCC). Is there any exemption to the requirement to meet the rank one criteria since the LCC services are not available to us?


  6. Please clarify the participation of businesses in the amnesty events. Can businesses who are not considered waste tire generating businesses bring fleet tires for disposal, in addition to any tires that have been illegally dumped on them?

    A non-tire generating business, such as a fleet, or a ranch, may bring in waste tires generated from vehicles used for their business operations, as well as tires that were illegally dumped onto their property, to an amnesty event.

    Note: A waste tire generating business is considered to be a business that generates used or waste tires as part of their business practice; such as a tire dealer. Tires from this type of business should not be accepted at an amnesty event.


No questions were submitted in this category.


  1. Are quotes from contractors required to be provided to support the grant budget?

    Quotes from contractors are not required to support a grant budget.

  2. Can the Resolution which authorizes the lead agency to lead the participant agencies be uploaded on the second deadline April 7th, 2015, or is it due on March 5th with the application? It would be tough for us to get a Resolution together, and signed by our Board of Supervisors by March 5th. I do see that the Letters of Authorization are not due until April 7, 2015.

    Pursuant to page two of the Application Guidelines and Instructions, the resolution is due by the secondary deadline of April 7, 2015.

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