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Questions and Answers: Local Government Waste Tire Cleanup Grant Program (FY 2016-17)

Questions about the Local Government Waste Tire Cleanup grant application were accepted in writing only, no later than February 5, 2016. Similar or related questions may have been grouped together or reworded for clarity and responded to as one question.

The question and answer period is now closed for this grant cycle. All questions and answers are posted on this site.


  1. What is a Local Conservation Corps?

    The Local Conservation Corps (LCC), for the purpose of this program, are those which are funded by the Local Conservation Corps Grant Program administered by the Department of Resources Recovery and Recycling (CalRecycle).

    LCC’s are governed by non-profit organizations or governmental organizations whose mission is youth development for young men and women ages 18 – 25 years. LCC’s are non-residential programs that include at least one year participation in conservation, environmental and recycling work, education and career preparation.


  1. Can Tire Cleanup Grant funds be used for funding a Brownfield site?

    Yes, this grant can be used to clean up illegally dumped tires on a Brownfield site as long as the site has less than 5,000 tires.

  2. Is a Limited Liability Company an eligible applicant to apply directly?

    No, a Limited Liability Company is not an eligible applicant.

  3. Is a Sportsmen Yacht Club property an eligible applicant to apply directly?

    No, a Sportsmen Yacht Club is not an eligible applicant.

  4. Can the County Agency apply on behalf of the Sportsmen Yacht Club property with 250 illegally dumped tires?

    Yes, California jurisdictions including cities, counties, special districts, other political subdivisions and jurisdictions joined together by formal agreements, as well as Qualifying California Indian tribes are eligible to apply on behalf of entities that are not identified as eligible applicants.


  1. What budget category should mileage and transportation expenses be budgeted for City personnel hauling illegally dumped tires to the contractor?

    The city’s personnel mileage and transportation expenses should be budgeted under the Materials category.

  2. What administration time will be reimbursed?

    Personnel time for preparation of a Waste Tire Cleanup Grant Application is ineligible for reimbursement. Any salaries and benefits for personnel directly involved in waste tire cleanup activities, including the preparation of payment requests and final reports incurred after the Notice to Proceed and prior to the grant term end date, are eligible.

  3. How will the County be reimbursed for grant related activities?

    Payment to the grantee for eligible grant expenses is made on a reimbursement basis only and for only those materials and services specified in the approved grant application.


  1. Where can I apply and find additional information?

    You can find the application and additional information on the Notice of Funds Available webpage, in the Timeline and Cycle Details section

  2. Are you required to submit photos if you do not have specific cleanup sites?

    No, you are not required to submit photos if you do not have specific cleanup sites.

  3. The applicant applied for a fiscal year 2014-15 Local Government Waste Tire Cleanup (TCU15) grant, but withdrew the application before the scoring process. How do I answer question five on the Priority Ranking Criteria Checklist “did applicant receive a grant for the previous Tire Cleanup grant cycle?”

    Because the application was withdrawn before the scoring process, you would mark “no”.

  4. In the Details tab, do I select all Assembly and Senate Districts that represent the entire jurisdiction or only the districts that have tire clean-up sites?

    Select all of the Assembly and Senate Districts that represent the entire jurisdiction. 

  5. Is the Environmentally Preferable Purchasing and Practices Policy Notification form required for all applicants?

    No, only applicants that checked “No our organization does not have an EPPP Policy” on the Detail Tab of the application are required to complete and submit the EPPP Notification form.

  6. When do we need to submit a revised Resolution since our current Resolution expires on June 30, 2016?

    Because the current resolution is valid through the application period, a new resolution must be uploaded to Documents Tab of the Grants Management System prior to executing the grant agreement.

  7. Do I have to submit the Property Access for Private Property form if all of our locations are public properties?


  8. Where are the Application Questions that are mentioned on the Summary page?

    The Application Questions are located at the bottom of the Details tab.

  9. What tire cleanup sites are required to be listed in Grant Management System during the application approval process?

    List all cleanup sites known at the time of the application submittal.

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