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Questions and Answers: Tire-Derived Aggregate (TDA) Grant Program (FY 2016-17)

Questions about the Tire-Derived Aggregate Grant Program application were accepted in writing only, no later than January 26, 2017. Similar or related questions were grouped together or reworded for clarity and responded to as one question.

The question and answer period is now closed for this grant cycle. All questions and answers are posted on this site.


  1. How is this grant solicitation different from last year?

    For fiscal year (FY) 2016-17, eligible applicants include non-profit organizations (except private elementary or secondary schools) registered with the federal government under section 501(c)(3), (c)(4), (c)(6), or (c)(10) of the Internal Revenue Code.

  2. When will the Notice to Proceed be issued?

    We anticipate approving eligible applications in April 2017, and sending out Grant Agreements in May 2017. Once we have a “fully-executed” Grant Agreement (meaning all parties have signed the agreement), we will issue the Notice to Proceed. The sooner we get the Grant Agreement signed by your Signature Authority, the sooner you will receive a Notice to Proceed.


  1. I live in the Butte burn area, our main road is private (owned by the homeowners) and is failing at three prominent areas. We have a local non-profit (501 3c) that would like to apply for the grant to help our road and others. Are they eligible?

    Non-profit entities are eligible, (Application Guidelines and Instructions, page 3). Unfortunately, the applicant must also own the property on which the project will be located (page 4). Therefore, the non-profit entity is not eligible to apply on behalf of the homeowners.

  2. We are a community college district and have three potential projects: resurfacing our athletic track, walkways, and storm water channels/drains. Would these projects be eligible?

    Unfortunately, a community college district is not an eligible applicant for this program.

    For eligible entities, the storm water channel/drain may be eligible as a low impact development project to manage storm water. However, the track and walkway are not eligible under this program, but they may be eligible under the Tire-Derived Product (TDP) Grant Program.


  1. How much money is available for the Tire-Derived Aggregate Grant Program?

    A total of $800,000 is available for FY 2016–17 grant cycle, subject to funding availability. The maximum grant award is $350,000 for individual grant awards, except for Very Large Projects (VLPs) (see “Eligible Projects” in the Application Guidelines and Instructions for definition). VLPs are each eligible for up to $750,000, subject to funding availability, with a limit of one per applicant.

  2. Are matching funds required?

    Matching funds are not required.


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