California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

CCC Status Report


Report Type


Select the Cities or Counties that the report will cover. Both cities and counties cannot be selected at the same time. Press and hold Ctrl or Shift key to select multiple cities or counties. Each search is limited to a maximum of 10 cities/counties at a time.

Upcoming Expirations Report

This report shows CCCs within the selected region(s) that will expire within 120 days.

Status Update Report

This report shows CCCs that have been activated or inactivated during the selected date range and within the selected region(s). This report only shows the most recent status for a CCC, and does not show historical statuses.

Start Date, End Date
The default dates are the current 5-day week. You may enter an alternate beginning date and end date for the reporting period. The report will show, for that time period, when the most recent CCC status update occurred. You can use the calendar icon to select a date.
CCC Status
The CCC Status choices are equivalent to the following CCC statuses:
  • All - Approved, Withdrawn, Closed, Expired
  • Active - Approved
  • Inactive - Withdrawn, Closed, Expired
Last updated: Data updated continuously.
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