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CalRecycle Audio Script: 3,000 Mile Myth

"Auto debunkers" jungle music lead-in.

Speaker 1: Welcome back to Auto Debunkers
Speaker 2: Yeah, let’s take a call
Caller: Hi guys, do I need to change my oil every 3000 miles?
Speaker 2: Ok, do you use a crank to start your engine?
Caller: (laughing) No…
General laughing by all.
Speaker 1: You don’t need to change your oil that often.
Caller: No?
Speaker 2: No, it’s a myth. Most cars today can go much longer. Hey listen, consult your owner’s manual for guidelines.
Speaker 1: It will save you money and your car will be okay.
Caller: Oh, okay.
Speaker 2: And leave your crank at home.
General laughing by all.
Narrator: Manufacturers' recommendations vary per vehicles and driving conditions, check your owner’s manual and visit

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Last updated: December 12, 2010
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