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Script: Tire Business Assistance Program (TBAP) Success Stories (re-edited 3/2011)

Richard Hawley, Robertson Industries: The TBAP funding enabled Robertson Industries to reach out and go to conferences and tradeshows with new products and marketing and green messages. During the application process, Robertson Industries was required to indicate what they would do with funding, {we would use it for} a better webpage, and product availability, research and development of recycled materials, marketing with cut sheets and brochures with green messages, to develop a new display booth that could be used at summits and conferences. Robertson Industries also was able to acquire, through the TBAP program, a device that tests the head impact attenuation of our surfaces. We are going to become an accredited LEED agency, or contractor, to enable the contractors in California to qualify for LEED type projects in their community.

Jana Nairn, Golden By-Products: Hi! My name is Jana Nairn and I’m with Golden By-Products and Aglink. Some of the products that Golden makes are 2” chips that goes to supplement coal to generate energy, we also make a variety of crumb rubber products, from a ¾” steel free nugget, we turn into rubber bark or landscape playground applications, crumb-rubber sizes for rubberized asphalt, athletic turf and other molded products. We’re really happy with the consultants that the State has brought in, in fact, even after the TBAP program ended we continued working with the consultants on our own dime. Golden By-Products is proud to be a tire recycler, we’re really proud of the fact that aim to recycle 100% of the tires that we collect. Our goal is to have zero waste!

Cameron Wright, West Coast Rubber Recycling: My name's Cameron Wright, I’m one of the co-owners at West Coast Rubber Recycling, also known as WCRR. Located here in Hollister, California, we moved down to Hollister from Gilroy about three years ago, now we’re in a 16,000 square foot warehouse. We produce a number of products derived from waste tires, some of the products we produce are molded rubber products such as wheel stops, landscape mulch, and anti-fatigue mats. We also produce a grade of rubber used in playgrounds for surfacing, and horse arenas, as well as different mesh sizes of rubber for use in synthetic turf infill as well as other molded rubber products. We were able to take advantage of the TBAP program-the Tire Business Assistance Program, made available through the *California Integrated Waste management Program. We were able to establish the layout of our current facility, where our machinery would be set up. They also came in and helped train our employees to be more efficient and more productive. TBAP also provided for our products to be tested, so that they met industry standards .In the future we look for West Coast Rubber Recycling to keep growing and expanding. Biggest thing is keeping tires out of the California waste stream and developing new markets, new products, and new ideas.

*Sub-text added; “programs of the former CIWMB are now part of CalRecycle”

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