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CalRecycle Video Script: Free Air for Your Tires

(Mark S. Allen at a gas station)

MA: Hey you, come here. I hate to be the creepy guy at the gas station approaching you, but I feel you need to know this; I want to tell you a little secret; See this stuff (pointing at air pump), it’s free; It’s not like the first ones free and we get you hooked then start charging you. California law requires gas stations to give you air anytime you buy gas. So what do you say we hang out and it up some of these airheads; They won’t know what hit them;

(Mark at a gas pump with a gas station customer)

MA:You’re a big guy and I don’t want to make you mad, but I do have to ask you when was the last time you checked your tire pressure?
Customer: That would be last week when I had the tires rotated.
MA: I love you man. (Hugs customer) You only have to do it once a month; It’s good for your car, for the environment and also what’s another reason?
Customer: Saves you gas and money and saves your tires.
MA: (Looking through his pockets and pulls out a tire gauge) Don’t abuse this--it’s a free tire pressure gauge.
Customer: Thank you.
MA: How much does air cost at this particular gas station?
Customer: It’s free!
MA: (Hugs customer again) Going in for another one; I’m a hugger, I’m sorry.

(Mark approaches another gas station customer)

MA: What did you just say?
Customer: Regularly check the pressure on your tires.
MA: Give me 3 good reasons why I would want to do that?
Customer: You might end up in a ditch, you might get a “blowout”, and it just looks dumb when your car is leaning to one side.
MA: Yes, aesthetics are good, but it is also good for the environment because the car rolls better using less gas.
Customer: Definitely, definitely.

(Mark approaches a female gas station customer)

MA: Gas stations don’t charge you--if you buy a little gas they will give you the air for free, but do you know how much air to put in your tires?
Customer: No.
MA: Let’s learn something together, shall we; May I open your door? I’m going to do it anyway; Right there, take a look. (Mark points at the door jamb of car where tire information is displayed) It is usually on the inside of the door. Most think the tires, but they are wrong. You know how much that will cost you?
Customer: No.
MA: Ah, buck will do (Mark puts hand out and customer slaps him “5”). OK, a slap on the hand will do fine. Better than the face.

(Mark approaches another customer as he is headed to his car)

MA: Excuse me; I don’t want to interrupt your phone call but I have been watching your car for you and in exchange for that will you answer some questions? (customer gets off the phone)
Customer: Alright let’s do it.
MA: Alright. Why is it important, give me 3 reasons it’s important to check your tire pressure?
Customer: Ah, for safety, for mileage, and...
MA: Better gas mileage, right?
Customer: Yeah, better gas mileage...
MA: How about just better for the environment because of the first two?
Customer: Yeah.
MA: Awesome, and where would you go on your car to find out the proper tire pressure?
Customer: Gas stations, ah...

(Mark hears friend talking in the car)

MA: I’m sorry what’s that?
Friend: On the tire.
MA: Your friend just said on the tire. Most people guessed that, but actually it is inside your door jamb on the driver’s side;
Customer: Yeah.

(Mark now talking with a different female customer)

MA: Word on the street is there is a place near here that has cheap air. Where’s the cheapest place to get air?
Customer: Air? I don’t know; All air is supposed to be free at any gas pump.
MA: Wait, are you crazy? Air at every gas station is supposed to be free.
Customer: Yes, I can turn on the air if I’m getting gas; They turn on the air.

(Mark turns to customer’s friend)

MA: How did you get so smart? Is she right?
Friend: She’s right.
MA: Alright, you’re right; (Mark leaves customer)

(Mark now talking with another customer inside the gas station store)

Customer: Actually just getting a little snack before work and I gotta put a little air in the tire.
MA: Which is going to cost more? The snack or the air in the tire?
Customer: I’m not good with trick questions, man.
MA: The snack! The air is free. All you do when you get up there is tell the guy to turn on, he turns it on.
Customer: Free?
MA: Free.
Customer: Get out of here.

(Mark now outside in front of gas station)

MA: So as you can see people still a little clueless when it comes to tire maintenance; Look, don’t be an airhead. In the state of California, never ever pay for air for your tires ever again. Buy a little gas, they give it to you for free. And while we are on topic, go check your tire pressure. When? Right now. I said right now; I’m watching you.

(Mark is holding up the air pressure hose and waves in front of camera)

MA: And I know how to use this. (He sprays air out of the hose)

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