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CalRecycle Video Script: Green Roads

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When you buy new tires, do you know what happens to your old ones?

They don’t have to be thrown away.

California extends the life of the tires by reprocessing them into new products and materials.

Californians generate 40 million waste tires every year. The 10 million we don’t recycle can end up in landfills, stockpiles, or be illegally dumped.

By reusing discarded tires in new ways we help reduce waste and protect the environment from the dangers of tire piles like fire and diseases spread by insects.

Recycling also saves money. Roads made from recycled tires last longer and need less maintenance than traditional asphalt pavement. These roads are quieter– and safer, too.

Shredded tires are also a high-performing and less expensive fill material in construction projects like landslide repairs and retaining walls.

Help CalRecycle pave the way to a more sustainable future with recycled tires.

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This message brought to you by CalRecycle.

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Last updated: December 10, 2010
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